Sunday, October 19, 2014

WANTED: Legally Sane

I'm looking for a copy of Legally Sane, by Jon K. Hahn and Harold C. McKenney.

Do anyone have a copy or know someone with a copy?

The book was published in about 1972 by Henry Rengery Company, according to, and is out-of-print.

There must be copies around McHenry County, and I would be pleased to be allowed to borrow one, with its return promised. I'll pay for Insured shipment both ways.

I did get a good lead a year ago from a Crystal Lake attorney, and the person I contacted said he'd try to find his copy. Is there another copy available?


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Gus said...

Thanks to a reader, I learned that Woodstock Library has this book for in-library use only.

Harvard Library had a copy but it is marked as "Lost and Paid." What does mean to me? That someone checked it out, realized its value and stole it. And then paid the shelf price ($10?) for it and kept it.

Who, me? Suspicious? I wonder how much REAL investigation was done by Harvard Library to recover a book valued at many times its publication price.