Sunday, October 19, 2014

NWH endorses Prim - sort of

The Northwest Herald  announced its endorsement of Bill Prim for Sheriff of McHenry, but the wording of its "endorsement" certainly lacked any punch. Read it here, before they change it.

Before saying anything about Prim's qualifications (beyond the statutory ones), the paper's editorial staff, assuming that's who writes "Our View" and endorsed Prim in the column published this morning at 5:30am, the article said, "Harrison is an intelligent attorney who has extensive experience in employment law"

The editorial board mentioned "concerns" about two of Prim's campaign supporters, referring to run-ins with the law and "a great deal of unnecessary nastiness associated with Prim’s primary campaign against Zinke."

It then mentions State's Attorney Lou Bianchi and then the need for checks and balances. Could a tight relationship with the State's Attorney actually mean fewer checks and balances on the Sheriff's Department? 

And then it ends with "We endorse Prim", leaving me to wonder whether they really do.

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