Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Random inspections - ever?

Does the McHenry County Sheriff's Department ever conduct random, surprise inspections of Department-issued equipment?

MCSD issues a variety of equipment - some of it, really heavy-duty tactical equipment (ex., high-powered, fully-automatic firearms) - to deputies and, I suspect, an even more awesome list of equipment to SWAT team members.

With a huge shift in control rapidly approaching on December 1 (when a new Sheriff comes to town), this is the perfect time to get out the lists of issued equipment and inspect it and account for it. Or it could be the worst time.

If equipment is missing and unaccounted for, it would be a huge black mark on Nygren's "legacy". Undersheriff Zinke has been running the show for the past couple of years, while Nygren dusts off the furniture in his Cape Coral, Fla. and Minocqua, Wisc. homes.

Now comes the dilemma. Does the present administration (Nygren/Zinke) identify what's missing, or do they do nothing and wait for the new Sheriff to order an inventory?

An up-to-date inventory shouldn't be all that hard. Surely, they know who has what. Or do they?

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