Thursday, October 16, 2014

Rifle stolen from car - newsworthy?

If my car had been broken into and an AR-15 stolen from it, do you think there would be a story in the Northwest Herald about it?

Would I have filed a report with the local law-enforcement agency (McHenry County Sheriff's Department, if the theft occurred in the County), if a rifle had been stolen from my vehicle? You bet. And would the Northwest Herald have publicized it? You bet.

Did the Corrections Officer file a theft report with his employer, the McHenry County Sheriff's Department?

Is he, or are they, interested in quickly finding that rifle? Was it an AR-15? Had it been converted to fire in the fully-automatic mode?

Why isn't the Northwest Herald reporting on this theft, as it would on any other weapons theft?

Was it his personally-owned rifle? Was it purchased to be used in connection with any duties related to his employment? Is he a CERT officer with the Jail? CERT = Community Emergency Response Team. These are the black-shirt guys that accompany certain inmates to court.

Why would they need or have AR-15s for work-related duties, if they do? And, if they do use such personally-owned weapons on official duties, what liability is there for the Sheriff's Department and for the County of McHenry?

Is regular practice required at the range? Who pays for the ammo at, probably $1.00/bullet?

What's the rest of the story here?

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