Monday, October 13, 2014

MCSD AR-15 on the loose?

Rumor has it that a fully-loaded, fully-automatic AR-15 was stolen from a McHenry County Sheriff's Department deputy's personal vehicle yesterday.

So, just how many questions does this raise?

1. Why would a SWAT team member have a Department automatic weapon in her (his?) personal vehicle? Doesn't the deputy have a take-home squad car?

2. Who leaves a Department firearm in a convertible, where a top can be sliced and the trunk opened by a release latch inside the vehicle?

3. Was the firearm visible in the vehicle?

4. How much ammunition was with it and taken?

5. If the deputy was attending a post- or pre-game party where alcohol was served and drinking any alcoholic beverage, that SWAT team member was ineligible to respond to any SWAT call-out. Right? So why have the weapon in the personal car?

Note: Aren't deputies forbidden by General Orders from driving a County squad car after consuming any alcoholic beverage?

You'd better belief that MCSD is trying to keep this quiet. Other shifts may not have been informed at this time. Why not???

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Gus said...

Late information about today's rumor of a automatic weapon on the loose ...

A man not connected with MCSD says:

1. It wasn't an AR-15.
2. AR-15s are never fully-automatic.
3. The theft was from a jailer's vehicle.
4. The jailer is not on SWAT.
5. The rifle belonged to the jailer, not to MCSD.
6. The person asks how I could possible infer that the jailer was drinking.

Eventually, the truth may come out.