Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Did you hear? About Cisner's stolen AR-15?

Did you read that article in the Northwest Herald about the AR-15 that was stolen from MCSO Corrections Officer Cisner's car?

You didn't?

I didn't, either.  Any idea why not?

Why wouldn't MCSO issue a press release about a stolen AR-15? Especially one that was stolen from the vehicle of a Corrections Officer? But maybe that's why.

So, if you hear, "Psst, buddy. Wanna buy an AR-15?", pay attention. It might be a cool weapon. It might also be a hot weapon.

Was it really in view? Was it left in Cisner's convertible where it could be seen?

If it was, has MCSO ordered a pysch evaluation for CO Cisner?

What capacity magazine was with it? More than one magazine? Was the magazine loaded? To capacity? Was the weapon loaded with one round in the chamber? Was it in a case?

My understanding is that this theft is not being talked about at MCSO. There are certain topics that are off-limits for water-cooler conversations, and this seems to be one of them.

What if the theft had been publicized the very next day, including a photo of the car and the address where it was parked? Think there might have been at least some chance that a passerby might have taken notice and remember some detail?

Keep in mind that a corrections officer is not a law-enforcement officer. He is not a deputy or police officer. (Unless maybe he has been over to Kirkland (Ill.) and has been issued one of those badges that are fairly easily handed out by the Chief?

Cisner's loss is somewhere between $400 and $1,000. Who done it?


Alpha Hotel said...
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Gus said...

Alpha Hotel, thanks for your comment. I'm sure other COs and you understand the risk of traveling to/from work, in uniform and armed. The public will believe you are LE, and a criminal will, too.

Therefore, you are placed at risk by the State and by MCSO. Do many, or most, COs commute in civilian attire and change into uniforms at work?