Sunday, September 21, 2014

Will Sheriff candidates debate?

There may or may not be a debate (or forum) on October 8th at MCC, at which voters can size up Bill Prim and Jim Harrison.

Cal Skinner reported on Prim's fundraiser yesterday and quoted Bill Prim as saying, "I don't throw dirt." Prim was referring, apparently, to a quote in a book about Texas Sheriff Ed Tom Bell campaign, in which Bell reportedly said, “If you’re throwing dirt, you’re losing ground.”

One of the problems in the Sheriff's campaign, as I see it, is that Prim isn't throwing anything. He's not throwing statements, for example, about his position on militarization of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department.

Prim's position became clear to me at a meet-and-greet before the spring Republican Primary, when his only words to me were, "You're the guy who doesn't like militarization." He didn't give me a chance to ask him what he meant, and he didn't ask me why. What I don't like is the improper use of military-type equipment.

I'm continuing to read A Government of Wolves - the emerging American Police State, by John W. Whitehead.

If you are almost brain-dead from watching Dancing with the Stars and American Idol and other mind-numbing shows on TV and are not paying attention to the continuing encroachment on your rights, wake up now, before it's too late. Start paying attention to militarization and the mind-set behind it. And read Whitehead's book.

Is anyone investigating how much military might is currently held by the McHenry County Sheriff's Department and the police departments (large and small) just in McHenry County? For example, take a look at Spring Grove P.D. The population in Spring Grove is 5,758 (2010). What possible need could they have for their own militarized equipment?
Bill Prim is a cop. He thinks like a cop. He'll continue to think and act like a cop. That's who he is. But does he think like a cop whose first allegiance is to the people he is there to protect and to serve?

Look where MCSD ended up in the Nygren Reign. Nygren was a cop. He should have known better than to park next to me in the Jewel-Osco parking in 2009, glare at me in an effort to intimidate me, and then accuse me of stalking him. Since when can a stalkee drive up and park next to a "stalker" and then claim he is being stalked?

Will Prim meet Harrison on October 8?


Big Daddy said...

Who said Nygren or Zinke were cops besides Nygren and Zinke ? Thats the point you are missing Gus. There are a lot of posers wearing the uniform. And sone people just do not understand this. Bill is not one of them. He is the real deal.

Gus said...

What I'd like to hear about Bill is that he absolutely respects the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. And that he will stand with other sheriffs around the country to resist intrusion by the Federal (or State) government.

Big Daddy said...

Of course he will. But so that you will better equipped to make the right decision, I will confirm it. Gus, I really do not know anyone in local law enforcement that supports federal intrusion into local matters. That does not however include things like that matter with the DEA and that trucking/manufacturing company that you spoke about here. When local law enforcement does things that were alleged in that matter, you almost have to go to the G

Gus said...

Thanks for offering to do that, Big Daddy. But I'd like for Bill Prim to state it, orally to the Northwest Herald or on his website or in an email to me for posting here. Or unequivocably at the Oct. 8th debate.