Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Panera Bread gun "rule"

Tonight I had a nice meal in Panera Bread, and no one realized I was armed. Not even the cafe manager, as he and I stood close to one another while I thanked him for the good food and courteous staff.

And that's the whole point. When a law-abiding citizen carries a concealed firearm, it is supposed to be concealed. 

Shannon Watts (MOMS Demand (you be defenseless)) wants me to be a duck in the shooting gallery, if an armed robber comes into Panera and starts shooting up the place. Sorry, Shannon. It's not going to happen.

CEO Ron Shaich sided with Shannon (sort of), when he said that he doesn't want armed customers in his businesses unless they are law enforcement officers. I wonder what tune he'll be singing, if an armed robber injures or kills an employee or a customer, while a licensed customer is in the place but without his firearm.

Shannon and Ron should read From Luby's to the Legislature, especially the final five pages.

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Big Daddy said...

I never let other citizens or CEO'S tell me when I can or cannot excercise my rights, especially my God given right to defend myself. I routinely carry in places that try to deny me those rights. But if they ever discover that I am armed and ask me to leave or tell me I can't then I'm done patronizing that place. Its time for people to stand up for themselves against groups like this Moms against whatever or people that want control you.
Gus, I've investigated I don't how many shootings/ murders over the years. In none of those cases did the offender legally possess the gun used. I've also never seen a gun go off by itself sitting concealed in a holster.