Friday, September 12, 2014

Harrison comes out swinging

Independent candidate for McHenry County Sheriff, Jim Harrison, came out swinging in a press release that can be viewed on his campaign website at  Jim sinks his teeth into Bill Prim and Bill's choice of campaign manager.

I received my first text message about it early this morning. All who are interested in this important race should read it and start asking questions.

Will there be a debate or a forum before this critical election? Will voters get a chance to size up the candidates in person?  Will the candidates make themselves available?

Will voters get a real chance to ask tough questions, or will any debate/forum be a watered-down, milk-toast program designed to lull the audience to sleep?

Less than two months remain until Election Day, November 4. If you aren't registered to vote, there is time to register. If you moved, find out if you must re-register.

Do not miss this election! This is the first time in many years that the voters won't have to buck an incumbent or a Party-chosen candidate.


Big Daddy said...

Two things. I hope and pray that the residents of McHenry County are able to get Bill Prim as their Sheriff. I also hope and pray that if that does happen, the new Sheriff makes Matt his undersheriff. I know both and can tell you that both are outstanding persons and law enforcement professionals.

Gus said...

Big Daddy, may I direct your attention to the DUI police report by the Jerome, Ariz. officer?

According to that report, McNamara was driving recklessly (tailgating, speeding and passing in a no-passing zone); lied to the officer about being a Chicago PD officer; drove while intoxicated; asked for "(un)professional courtesy" (not getting a ticket); and may have considered trying to give the officer money as a way out of a jam. Why else would he get money out of his wallet when asked for his driver's license?

Those actions, coupled with his Iowa conviction, should rule him out, completely, from any employment with MCSD.

JimboScumbag said...

Gus, driving while intoxicated, flashing a badge on a traffic stop, bar fights with arrests, DUI, domestic battery, sex with informants or subordinates, theft, hit and run, pedophilia. Are you kidding, this is normal at MCSO. These things are required to get promoted. Wake up Gus. Where are you living now, Fantasyland. If you think a lawyer is the answer for running MCSO you are goofier than people think.

Gus said...

Jimbo, I agree with you about the criteria for promotions at MCSC that have existed up until now.

Consider why a lawyer as Sheriff is a better choice than a cop. This is the choice for McHenry County voters on November 4.

The most important action that voters can take right now is to prepare their own lists of questions and then find the candidates and ask those questions.

Big Daddy said...

Gus, one need look no further than neighboring Lake County to see why a lawyer should not be a county Sheriff.

Big Daddy said...

As a matter of fact, look at Cook County as well. Both run by lawyers. You can vote for your "indepent" candidate Gus. I want a law enforcement professional running my Sheriffs office. I want a guy who has served before, who knows all the tricks, where the waste is, one who knows what the troops need or do not need. Lawyers are running and RUINING the country .
When I need plumbing work incall my plumber not my lawyer. When I need my car repaired I call ky mechanic. When I need the police I want a policeman responding. Fromna department run by a law enforcement professional not a lawyer. Let lawyers lawyer and let police managers manage. Lawyers are not the answer yo everything.

Big Daddy said...

I again apologize for my spelling Gus. My fingers are too big for my tablet.

Gus said...

One of the problems with "knowing all the tricks" is that such a person "knows all the tricks." Is that person able to do a thorough house-cleaning and re-train all the bad apples?
There are still MCSD deputies who believe that the Pavlin home was entered legally, in spite of a judge's ruling to the contrary. That disregard of constitutional rights is very worrisome.

Big Daddy said...

By tricks I mean all the BS ways coppers use to not do a proper job. And I don't nean doing it themselves but by seeing what other guys do. Bill does intend to clean house. If your a slug, lazy, incompetent or corrupt deputy, your days are numbered if he is elected.

Denise Castronovo said...

Jim Harrison is the wisest choice for Sheriff! Previous law enforcement officer, attorney (best in McHenry County. Smart choice for our community.