Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Unseal Brown juvie records?

A court case begins today in St. Louis, Mo. to unseal the juvenile criminal records, if any, of Michael Brown. An investigative journalist (these are few and far in-between and are a rare, almost-extinct breed in today's media) filed a case in St. Louis to find out whether Brown was the "gentle giant" or someone else.

Just how much of a "someone else" is hinted in the video of Brown's strong-arm robbery of the Quik Trip in Ferguson, Mo., minutes before she was shot to death on a Ferguson street. In that video Brown can be seen shoving a store employee and then menacing him after the clerk followed him to the door. The clerk, of small stature compared to Brown's 6'4", 285 lb. size, was smart and backed up.

Charles C. Johnson, founder of, apparently got a whiff of important, secret information about Brown.

The hearing to unseal any juvenile criminal records of Michael Brown, 18 when he died on August 9, begins today before Judge Ellen Siwak, according to The Examiner on August 27.

ABC News reports that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has also filed a lawsuit to unseal any confidential juvenile criminal records of Brown. The St. Louis paper got scooped by GotNews. Would it have sought this information on its own?

The ABC article reports that Brown family attorney Crump refuses to comment about any possible juvenile criminal record. OK, so if Brown was clean, wouldn't Crump be hollering and waving his arms and complaining about Johnson's lawsuit to unseal records.

If there are juvenile criminal records, why don't Crump and the Brown family hold a press conference and say so?

By the way, if you look at the homepage of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch this morning (7:00AM), you won't see one word about the paper's lawsuit to unseal these records, if they exist.

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