Monday, September 15, 2014

Harrison smear in NWH comments

There is a substantial smear campaign underway against McHenry County Independent candidate for Sheriff Jim Harrison. Many comments are being posted on the Northwest Herald website, mostly by anonymous writers, some of whom are obviously supporters of Bill Prim.

You owe it to yourself to go to Jim's campaign website and read under the tab "Straight Answers to Crooked Questions".

I have received e-hate mail and text messages, some bordering on threatening language, for writing my own comments to the Northwest Herald article. Ask me if I'm worried. (I'm not, just in case you don't want to ask.)

Go to and read Jim's answers. Then decide for yourself. But get the facts, folks. Don't just jump in on the smear train. All hot and bothered about Jim's earnings as a Special Assistant State's Attorney? Or the "land deal"? Read the facts.

The Northwest Herald article is here.

For more complete details about the Iowa criminal charges and the Jerome, Arizona DUI, click on the Media tab on the Harrison-for-Sheriff campaign site.

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