Sunday, September 21, 2014

Prim refuses to debate Harrison

In a press release dated September 22, 2014, candidate Jim Harrison announced that Bill Prim, the Republican candidate, has refused the debate that was put together by the McHenry County League of Women Voters. Read his press release below:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  September 22, 2014
Citizens to Elect Jim Harrison Sheriff
Contact:  Jim Harrison
Post Office Box 10
Ringwood, IL 60072
PHONE:  815-575-4001

Bill Prim Declines To Debate Jim Harrison

Independent Sheriff’s Candidate Jim Harrison criticized Republican Sheriff’s Candidate Bill Prim’s refusal to face-off against Harrison in a live debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters that was scheduled for October 8, 2014 at MCC.  Although Harrison accepted the invitation to debate, Prim declined.

Prim’s refusal to debate came on the heels of the disclosure of Prim’s campaign chairman’s violent criminal background.  “What else does Bill Prim have to hide from the voters,” Harrison inquired?  By declining the debate, Prim directly contradicted his earlier statement made in a December 28, 2013 press release:

“When, if ever, Mr. Harrison becomes a certified candidate, as I have for the office of Sheriff, I would be happy to debate him.”  Bill Prim

Harrison was certified as a candidate back in June of this year, following his record-setting filing of 9,500 petition signatures endorsing Harrison’s candidacy to become McHenry County’s first-time-ever “Independent” Sheriff. 

In Prim’s December 28, 2013 press release, Prim criticized his primary election opponent Andy Zinke’s decision to pull out of the only scheduled debate, calling it:

“…a decision that denies the people of McHenry County a chance to weigh for themselves the qualities and abilities of the two candidates…”  Bill Prim

Prim claimed that failing to debate:

“…deprived the voters of an excellent opportunity not only to learn our positions on the issues but to get a sense of the man behind the positions, and how we conduct ourselves in a high-stakes, high-pressure environment.  The Sheriff’s Office, and law enforcement in general, is frequently stressful.  Voters want to see for themselves how a candidate for that office operates when he has to think on his feet and make rapid decisions.”  Bill Prim

In December of 2013, Bill Prim denounced the act of refusing to debate, calling it: “…a feeble showing indeed.”  However, when the time came for Bill Prim to debate Jim Harrison, Prim started whistling a different tune.  “That’s a problem with Bill Prim,” Harrison said; “he says one thing and does another.”  “By refusing to debate, Prim has attempted to limit the ability for voters to make an informed choice for Sheriff,” Harrison added.  “I believe McHenry County voters are a lot smarter than Bill Prim gives them credit for being,” Harrison concluded.

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