Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sheriff's race - which one?

The Northwest Herald carries an article today with information about each candidate for sheriff in the November 4th general election.

The candidates are Independent Jim Harrison and Republican Bill Prim.

The article probably raises more questions than it gives answers. For example, one sentence reads, "Each sat down with the Northwest Herald to discuss the issues running up to the Nov. 4 election." OK, so did they sit down at the same time with representatives of the paper? Or did they meet separately? And who from the paper interviewed them? Was only the reporter, Chelsea McDougall, there?

Maybe there is an editorial on another webpage.

Read the article for yourself. And be sure to read the Comments from readers.

And don't miss the photo. The photo of Prim  appears to have been taken on the first floor of the County Administration Building, looking toward the main building that houses the courts and the sheriff's department. Don't miss the cowboy boots. And the white pants - straight out of the 1970s, aren't they?

Harrison has a fundraiser on Tuesday. Don't fall for the blather from the Prim campaign about having a lawyer for sheriff. Size up each man for his qualifications, education, experience, platform and intentions.

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1 comment:

Big Daddy said...

I did size up each man based upon his qualifications and the clear winner was Prim. And I am not part of Prims election committee. And the trousers are light faded blue denim, not white. And what's wrong with cowboy boots? There are parts of McHenry County where they are worn everyday.Gus, you have gone to the darkside c'mon back!