Sunday, September 14, 2014

Harrison-for-Sheriff fundraiser

The Jim Harrison for Sheriff campaign will hold a fundraiser on Tuesday, September 30, at the Woodstock Country Club. This is your next opportunity to meet Jim and to ask him your direct questions about his campaign and how he would conduct the Office of Sheriff of McHenry County.
Jim is the Independent Candidate in this contested General Election for Sheriff. The sheriff is elected for a four-year term, and this is the first time in many years that the incumbent or a hand-picked successor is not on the ballot.

Meet Jim from 5:30PM to 7:30PM at the Woodstock Country Club, located at 10310 Country Club Road, in Bull Valley.

View the complete poster for this event on the campaign website at

And mark your calendars for October 8 at MCC, for a debate between Jim Harrison and Bill Prim. It is my understanding that the Northwest Herald and the McHenry County League of Women Voters are trying to put this together.


Big Daddy said...

No thanks

Denise Castronovo said...

I'll be there in full support of Jim Harrison. His people have police records or things to hide that are all falling out of the closet. You can trust Jim Harrison, on the right side of the law and humanitarian. No one is a better choice. Bill Prim, keep on stumbling though, you look like a fool.

Gus said...

Denise, is your second sentence clear? You can delete it and re-submit it, if it is not.

JimboScumbag said...

You did not post my last comment, why?

Gus said...

Jimbo, your unposted comment from this morning contributed nothing. Your comment about overbilling taxpayers was not supported.

Read Jim's "Straight answers to crooked questions" on his website. Then, if you want to rephrase an accusation, send it along.

JimboScumbag said...

Gus, I believe the story was factually reported in the Chicago Tribune. I won't go to the JH site if you pay me. You are awfully biased in this election. And who cares if a campaign worker was in a bar fight 12 years ago. Two MCSO deputies were arrested in WI after a fight. If Prim posts something on his website will that make it true? Again, I would rather burn $25 than spend it on a JH event.