Thursday, September 18, 2014

An attorney as Sheriff? Why?

In speaking with friends in McHenry County from 800 miles away, I keep hearing, "I don't want an attorney as Sheriff." Yesterday I got to thinking how glad I was that Jim Harrison is not a car salesman! He certainly has an uphill battle!

I urge you to go to his campaign website and read the material under "Jim's Message". Did you know that nearly one-quarter of the sheriffs in Illinois are attorneys. I didn't. The only one I knew of was Tom Dart, the Cook County Sheriff.

So, take ten minutes and read that section. Then browse around the rest of his website. You'll find it at

Read his views about taking politics out of the Sheriff's Department.

Find Jim and meet him. Ask him your questions.


Big Daddy said...

And that's one of the reason these Sheriffs Departments are so screwed up. They have lawyers as Sheriffs. Want to change them for the better? Get a policeman for Sheriff.

Gus said...

MCSD had a "policeman" as Sheriff from 1997-2014. How much has the County paid for outside legal advice and representation?

Too much! Did "cop mentality" cause much of the litigation for MCSD?

I'd say that "No" as an answer to that question isn't even an option.

The motto at MCSD should be "Protect and Serve", not "Protect and Serve Us".

Big Daddy said...

Lake County, Cook County . Both screwed up beyond belief. Both run by lawyers. Now you want to add McHenry County to that list? No thanks

Big Daddy said...

I went to a fundraiser for Bill yesterday Gus. He has a lot of good people supporting him Gus.There was a retired MCSO Captain who came all the way up from Arizona to support Bill. He was from what I waa told, a very vocal critic of the previous/current administration and thinks Bill is the right man for the job. He also knows the other candidate and thinks Bill is the better choice. There were a couple of FBI agents there showing support. Quite a few current MCSO deputies. Congressman Joe Walsh and a whole lot of other folks. There was also a Marine that was from the Viet Nam era. Told us how he was shot four times and left for dead as our troops retreated. They even sent a letter to his family telling them of his death. He made it back however and lived to fight another day. He is a great man of obvious character and supports Bill.