Monday, September 1, 2014

Fed up with Ferguson, Mo.!!!

I added the Bill Whittle video on Tuesday morning, Sept. 2. If you agree, please comment. The following comments are my own.

I am fed up with Ferguson, Mo. and the media.

I grew up in University City, Mo., about six miles south of Ferguson. Ferguson was a different community then. Heck, University City was a different community then. I think there was one black student at University City High School in 1957.

The protestors in Ferguson are directly responsible for converting the shooting of Michael Brown into a national racist problem. They want justice. What they really want is Ofc. Darren Wilson swinging at the end of a rope over a tree limb in front of the Ferguson Police Department. And it's not going to happen.

Protestors were planning to shut down interstate highways  in the St. Louis area today. They will be directly responsible for getting some stupid protestor killed. The police had better be taking names and numbers, and they ought to be kicking some butts about now.

Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ronald S. Johnson needs to start acting like a law enforcement official and telling protestors that, if they enter the highways, they will be arrested. End of story. No more B.S. No more "Mr. Nice Guy". He should start acting like the cop he is are paid to be. And if he can't, he should be replaced.

Some (white or black or brown or yellow or red) motorist in Missouri is going to become fearful at a swarm of black protestors in the highway and start shooting. Is that what that jerk, Zaki Baruti (one of the protest organizers), wants? If that happens, he should be charged with contributing to a homicide or inciting a riot.

If citizens want to protest peacefully and not act in a threatening manner toward the cops or other citizens, fine. Get a permit and march through the park or something. Stay out of the highways.

By now the police must be so fearful of stepping on a crack that they won't be able to begin to do their jobs. And that has to end. The sooner, the better.


Big Daddy said...

I agree one thousand percent Gus. This entire event is a gangster/ newsmedia created event. Enough already.

Gus said...

I wrote today to a reporter at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch to complain about his use of some version of the word "kill" three times in his article and in the headline.

He replied, "I think you are mistaking "kill" with "murder." It would be inappropriate to say
murder because we don't know what happened, nor has the officer been charged or convicted.

"The word "killing," however is entirely appropriate. It doesn't imply that the death was anyone's fault, it simply means the death was not by natural causes.

"Whether someone is shot to death or involved in a fatal car wreck, they were killed in an unnatural manner."


Big Daddy said...

I'd like to see the article before I comment.