Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NW Herald Opinion Poll (9/23/14)

Today's reader opinion poll on the Northwest Herald website (www.nwherald.com; scroll down to find it on the right) asks:

"Does a candidate refusing to debate affect how you vote?" Yes? No? Prim supporters are up early and have already voted No. Anyone else?

The question refers to Sheriff's Republican candidate Bill Prim and his refusal to debate Independent candidate Jim Harrison in a debate that was to be co-sponsored by the McHenry County League of Women Voters and the Northwest Herald on October 8.

Prim apparently told the sponsors he had a "scheduling conflict." What a load of B.S.! So, Bill, clear your schedule. What are you afraid of?

The Northwest Herald article included this line: "Prim also had concerns about the debate format that he said went unaddressed. He declined to explain the nature of those issues."

Did Prim ask the League and the newspaper not to ask him any embarrassing questions? Did he ask them not to ask him about the explosive news regarding the man he claims is "just a volunteer"? Did he want to limit questions about anyone else in his inner circle? Or who he has in mind for key positions, should he be elected?

Ducking the debate is like flipping the bird at McHenry County voters.

Come on, Bill. Man up. Do you really think you are so far out in front that you can snub voters by refusing to debate?

If you change your mind and do show up, wear a suit, like you did the last time. Just leave the cowboy boots at home. McHenry County is not in Wyoming.

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