Thursday, December 5, 2013

Woodstock City Council and Sgt. Amati

On Tuesday night the Woodstock City Council met for its Regular Meeting on the first Tuesday of the month.

Did they get an earful from residents concerned about the administrative handling of the serious actions of Woodstock PD Sgt. Amati?

You'd never know from the (lack of) article(s) in the Northwest Herald. Did a reporter even attend that meeting?

Remember when McHenry County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Greg Pyle was arrested and charged with ten felonies for predatory criminal sexual assault on a child younger than 13? That one was initially, internally, referred to as a "domestic" situation.

"Domestic", as in "just" a family squabble. Yeah, sure. Pyle was arrested on a Complaint from the Illinois State Police. That case, 12CF00020, has been languishing in McHenry County Circuit Court ever since the Feds got involved in August 2012. Pyle is a current resident in the Boone County (Ill.) Jail.

Pyle's next court date in McHenry County is today at 9:00AM. If today's hearing is like so many in the past months on this case, Judge Graham can just reached for his "Continue for 30 Days" rubber stamp.

What Judge Graham ought to do is move this case along. Is McHenry County just waiting to see what the Feds can or will do? Why wait? Is Pyle expected to plead guilty to something in Rockford? Will McHenry County then just shelve this case?

The McHenry County State's Attorney is elected and paid to represent the People of McHenry County. Are we being well served?

Personally, I like Lou Bianchi. However, I don't like how some important cases are being handled.


Joseph Monack said...

I spoke. It looks like other people are starting to speak now. For instance, look at the letter that was in the Independent. Also, there is this.

Derick Thompson said...

Yes this situation is being monitored quite closely tho not all of us are "Anonymous" or even Hackers for that matter.. But we refuse to allow injustice like this. Feel free to look up #CharlesAmati hash on twitter. Tho it seems McHenry County Sheriff would rather block people than discuss. Oh and the text messages are just the tip of the iceberg it seems. Have a read

Bee Hetchi said...

If legal justice is not carried out on this pedophile, let's haunt him until he throws himself into prison just to get away.

Angel whispers said...

THANK GOD other woodstock residents are speaking up... I just do not get how people are affraid to speak their minds.. I myself admit I spoke my mind and didn't get treated well by some of the woodstock police but this man needs to go to jail just like other people who don't have a badge would! Ya I read about this guy and he isn't good news posting himself as a teenage girl, and who knows what else?! WHAT THE FUDGE IS GOING ON!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE that man shouldn't be a cop or even around childen! this is bad that this happened to a lil girl and this man is being protected! NOT HER?! WAKE UP WOODSTOCK and write the city speak your mind and let your voice be heard! Thanks Derrick for that link! and I agree w/ all of u ! and for this chief to say he was punished the right way um no he wasn't im sure mr chief you know about him pretending to be a girl a teenage girl? and u want to keep him on staff WAKE UP! He needs to be in jail and do his time u do the crime u do the time like i read somewhere else that he isn't better than those he arrested!

Angel whispers said...

Thanks for posting this story but I must say this man should be in jail and WOODSTOCK speak up and write your city and congress anyone .. Like I have and I am sure meny others .. stop sticking ur heads in the sand and wake up please this little girl is the victim not this man ... and this chief protecting him is just as bad as him if u ask me! I am glad that some of us are speaking our minds and yes i know how SOME of the woodstock pd can be if u speak up trust me i know that but not all of them do that. this man should be in jail like any of us if we did this would be at! also do u know he posed as a teenager playing minecraft?! that is sick Chief Lowen did u know that ? i am sure not right? well ya that is the kind of people who are suppose to be serving and protecting?! that is horriable! this poor little girl is the victim not this man who shouldn't even be wearing a badge right now ! Let justice be served! he gets to chose when he wants to take his suspension? that is complete bs! he needs to be in the slammer not around children What is this world coming to!? and thanks Derrick for this useful information! crazy what u find out! sad but true so everyone else wake up and speak up let ur voice be heard!!!!!!