Saturday, December 7, 2013

MCC and concealed carry

The Policy Committee of the Board of Trustees of the McHenry County College will meet on Monday evening and discuss, among other things, a concealed carry policy. Item 8 on the Agenda for this meeting is "Discussion of Creation of Concealed Carry Weapon Policy."

If you want to listen or, better, speak and provide input, be there. Monday, Dec. 9, 6:30PM. Go to the Board Room on the second floor near the library.

Get there early. If the room is already full of MCC employees, ask the chairman to move them to the overflow space, not you.

See Cal Skinner's article on McHenry County Blog about this.

My thanks to Cal for the heads-up about the meeting.

This ought to be a no-brainer, but I think you can bet your last dollar that the Committee and the Board will declare no guns on campus. Will their prohibition include the parking lot?

Will a student with a concealed carry license be required to unload his firearm and place it in the trunk of his vehicle before pulling into the MCC parking lot? Or can he sit in his vehicle, unload it, and then carry it and the ammo to the trunk - where it will sit "safely" until some thief breaks into his car or truck.

For some excitement and thrills Monday night, be at this meeting. Bring your cameras, too.

By the way, the legislators blew it with the new law by requiring a licensee to unload his firearm before exiting his vehicle. Tell me - what's safer? Sitting in your car, removing your firearm from your holster, pointing it at the floor of the car (hopefully), while you remove the magazine and the round from the chamber? Or standing at the trunk of your vehicle and unloading it there while pointing it at the ground?

Today I was thinking again about the stupidity in the General Assembly in passing the most stringent law in the country. There is no reciprocity, meaning an Illinois concealed carry license (the most expensive in the country) is no good in any other state. If you are going to carry anywhere else, you have to get the legal authority to do so. Many will get the Utah and/or Florida license.

And no other state's license is good in Illinois. If you live in Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa, etc. and come into Illinois while you are carrying your firearm, you could find yourself in big trouble. Of course, you could get trained and then spend $300 for a non-resident concealed carry license. There won't be many of those purchased!

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Kyle said...

How did the meeting turn out?

It is important that students (and employees) who want to preserve their right to concealed carry stand up for their rights. Let students protect themselves--we have too much evidence that shows the police (campus and off-campus) are not able to--they just cannot be expected to be everywhere at once.

People intent on doing harm are much less likely to pull out their weapon if the see a cop. They'll just wait until they think they can get away with it--which is why we carry concealed!