Friday, December 27, 2013

Should prostitution be legal?

Check out Cal Skinner's article this morning on McHenry County Blog about the recent problem in Crystal Lake with massage "parlors".

He recites the problems in Crystal Lake, Woodstock, Algonquin and McHenry (City) since 2010, when several places have been shut down as fronts for prostitution. Local police have sent in undercover officers who apparently recognize when they are getting rubbed the wrong way.

I wonder in how many cases a problem of entrapment occurs. What if the customer asks for "more" and, when an additional price is mentioned, offers to pay up. Where does he (or she) hide the handcuffs and badge?

Or is it like the tobacco and alcohol stings at Walgreens, when an under-age kid is trained and sent in by the police, makes an illegal purchase, and then walks out of the store to the cop waiting in his squad car to report the illegal purchase?

With the direction in which many states are going with new laws, is it maybe time to legalize prostitution? What is really the harm, if a customer goes into a business, pays some money for a service and leaves?

The customer is not going in for a "massage". If s/he wants a legitimate massage for.relaxation or therapy or treatment, then he can go to a trained and licensed massage therapist.

At first, I thought McHenry County Blog might be supporting legalized prostitution in its sentence, "The Cities of Crystal Lake and McHenry, Villages of Algonquin and Woodstock, because of their Home Rule status, could license the parlors and make them subject to spot inspection." (Note: Woodstock is not home-rule)

But the final sentence in the article, "I’m sure others could come up with additional requirements that would dissuade prostitution locally" makes me feel less certain of that position.

Should prostitution be legal?

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