Thursday, December 12, 2013

Online petition regarding Amati

Recently a police officer asked me if I knew of an online petition addressing the activities of Sgt. Chip Amati, of the Woodstock Police Department. has an online petition in this matter.

If you believe that a felony criminal action cannot be handled properly with an employer's internal administrative action or a disciplinary decision by a Board of the City of Woodstock, then read and sign this petition. So far, 210 persons have signed it.

Mayor Sager and the Woodstock City Council are not listening. They are just hunkered down, waiting for this to blow over and become old news.

I invite family members or close friends of the family to contact me with more information than the Northwest Herald or the Chicago Tribune has published. I am not interested in publishing names of  family members.

Remember when Sgt. Pyle was arrested by the Illinois State Police on ten felony charges of predatory criminal sexual assault on a child under 13 (family)? Didn't a high-ranking McHenry County Sheriff's Department official initially say it was a "domestic" issue?

On the day of the Chicago Tribune article about Amati, here's what Chief Lowen said, in part, to WPD employees:

"Improper use of the LEADS System occurred." (Yeah, right; illegal use...)
"Conduct unbecoming an Officer took place..."
"(There are extenuating circumstances leading up to the sending of the one text message...")
"I also feel confident that a mistake was made by an employee..."
"It is an embarrassing time for the City, the Department and the employee in question. Let's do our part to lift the employee up and get through this difficult time."

Well, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. While you're at it, bar the door until this blows over. It will; the holidays are almost here, and people will tire quickly and move on.

Where is the outrage among the elected and appointed Woodstock City officials? Where???

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