Thursday, December 5, 2013

MCSD & NWH: why so silent???

The last story in the Northwest Herald about the woman's body found in a house near McHenry at 518 N. Country Club Drive was on November 12.

Does it strike anyone else strange that the McHenry County Sheriff's Department, now virtually in the hands of Undersheriff Andy Zinke, has failed to announce any further news in 1) the release of the identification of the woman's body and 2) the status of the extradition of William J. Ross from a jail in Las Vegas?

Should the public just totally forget that a woman's body was found in a bag in a house that had been unoccupied for more than 18 months? Doesn't anyone CARE?

I don't care if the woman had a lengthy record in McHenry County, dating back 20 years. McHenry County Court records indicate legal action between a William J. Ross and her that was concluded five years ago. Was her loss in that legal action tied in any way to her death and the hiding of her body in that house?

The William J. Ross who has been in custody in the Clark County, Nev. Correctional Facility since November 7 is believed to be the same William J. Ross who owns the house in McHenry County where the body was found. What is the status of his extradition? Have the papers gone to Gov. Quinn? Has he signed them? Have they been forwarded to Gov. Brian Sandoval of Nevada?

Will a couple of deputies get a paid vacation to Las Vegas or will they fly out on a morning, pick up Ross, and fly right back? Is there a cheaper way to get him back here?

Why isn't our local paper all over this? Is it just waiting to be spoon-fed from the Sheriff's Department or the State's Attorney Office? Has it ever thought about investigating anything independently and informing readers and subscribers?

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