Monday, December 9, 2013

Always nice to meet a nice cop

Yesterday morning I passed through Cadiz, Kentucky, on the way from Chattanooga to Woodstock, and I passed three different accident scenes, where cars had wrecked just after crossing bridges on otherwise almost-dry highways. The big storm had gone through, but only a little slush remained in the inside lane on I-24.

Kentucky prominently displays signs before bridges, reading "Bridge freezes before highway". Drivers routinely ignore them. I had felt the "bug" slide a little on bridges, and I was slowing a little before each bridge.

At one bridge two vehicles had tangled and taken out a guard rail. At the next bridge a red SUV (maybe a RAV4?) had rolled about three times and was really mangled. And after the next bridge a white vehicle was way down the embankment in the trees. Troopers or deputies were at all three scenes.

I stopped at the next exit for coffee and parked alongside a Cadiz (Ky.) Police car. The officer was in the car, so I said "Hello." He was friendly and happy and glad to be working that morning. He told me he had been in law enforcement for 32 years and had been Sheriff for 25 years before going to work for the P.D.

He commented how drivers seldom slow down at bridges and that he had cleaned up many wrecks caused by slippery roads.

Former Sheriff and current Officer Randy Clark obviously loves his work. The public in Cadiz and Trigg County is lucky to have him there.


The Madd Bulldog said...

Bug? Thought you'd be on your bike. Doh.

Gus said...

Sure would have been nice on the bike in Florida, where temps were as high as 91ยบ F.