Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gas prices dropping - not in Woodstock

On Wednesday the Associated Press had this to say about gas prices: "The worst may be over for drivers in the upper Midwest who have been grappling with the highest gasoline prices in the continental U.S. ... "

And's chief oil analyst said, "...prices could drop below $4 a gallon..." (but not before you'll need to fill up).

And what are gas prices per-gallon now?
Belvidere $3.99
McHenry $4.09
Crystal Lake $4.11
Woodstock $4.23

Mt. Vernon $3.65!!!
Springfield, Ill. $3.72 (better not anger the legislators)

How do we force down the price of gas in Woodstock? Stop in and tell the clerk to notify her regional office that you are not buying in Woodstock until the price comes down.

Then buy in Crystal Lake or McHenry while you are there. Obviously, it doesn't pay to make a special trip there for gas.  Keep an eye on your gas gauge and your planner, and use to monitor prices.

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bill Matteson said...

Harvard IL
4.29 Harvard always has the highest prices around...I filled up in Darian WI on Saturday for 3.74 a Gal..