Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stop U of I tuition waivers

Should tuition waivers at the University of Illinois for children of veterans be stopped?

Information from Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford today indicates that the Illinois legislature established this program in 1947. Of course, that was right after WW II. And how it has grown. The University of Illinois awards one scholarship per county for children of Illinois vets since 1947.

I wrote to Dan recently after reading that six scholarships are awarded from each County each year. Dan's message mentioned only one. A previous news article referred to children of veterans of several conflicts, starting with WW II.

Dan also wrote, "I agree with you that Illinois has no extra money lying around with a 3.5 billion dollar backlog of bills. Wasteful spending and costly, long term borrowing must stop."

Do scholarships only go to the needy, or does the U of I dole them on merit, regardless of financial need? Does it really matter, when the State is broke? 

The only way to stop these is to demand that the legislators tell the U of I to turn off the tap.

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