Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And the Seipler beat (case) goes on ...

Deputy Zane Seipler's request for a Special Prosecutor to investigate Sheriff Keith Nygren remains alive and well in Judge Thomas Meyer's court. State's Attorney Lou Bianchi is to be disposed. Yes, but when? Is there a deadline?

Is it possible that Zane's attorney didn't ask Judge Meyer to set a do-or-die date? If he didn't, just plan on getting a lot of haircuts before you get trimmed for good.

Nothing happens without a deadline. Deputy Schlenkert waited and waited and waited for the check in settlement of his back pay and benefits.

Zane is going to have to wait and wait for his check, once the Illinois Supreme Court rules against Nygren and Nygren decides to head for Florida. Or will Nygren appeal to the United States Supreme Court, causing even more delay (and expense!!!) to McHenry County taxpayers?

Now, what's going to happen if, once Judge Meyer is satisfied with the evidence and statements, he (Judge Meyer) rules in Zane's favor and appoints a Special Prosecutor?

Will Nygren take it like a man and open his drawers for the Special Prosecutor? Or will he throw up yet another obstacle and tell his attorney (that would be his County attorney, Bill Caldwell) to hotfoot it down the road and appeal in Elgin. (and then, when tthe Appellate Court rules against Nygren, to pack his bags and get down to Springfield with his appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court?

That ought to make all of us throw up.

Hasn't Lou Bianchi already demonstrated that he is not available to investigate and prosecute Sheriff Keith Nygren? If he had been available, he would have done so by now. How could he "not be available" for two years and then, if Judge Meyer so rules, decide that he "is available"?

Except then he'll say that he "is available" but chooses not to investigate.

How much is all this delay costing? Too much. Far too much!

If Judge Meyer does appoint a Special Prosecutor, he should get to work immediately, even if Attorney Caldwell appeals. And don't not investigate if Nygren takes a hike and heads for Florida. Will Nygren try the old stunt of "You can't fire me; I quit"? Will he retire and then claim he is no longer in office and can't be prosecuted?

Sure, let him try it. And then order him back here for depositions and investigation.


Gus said...

It didn't take long for the first comment to show up by email directly to me. It read,

"Appeal is the only thing old Keith knows. What a coward!!!"

Cal Skinner said...

The deposition for McHenry County State's Attorney Lou Bianchi is Friday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, this has been going on for so long. What are Zane's motives to continue this? Not being sarcastic, but is he trying to keep the heat on Nygren until he bails to Florida? What will happen then... will Zane be happy that Nygren is then gone and then end this, or is he trying to get Blago a cellmate at Club Fed? Doh!

Gus said...

Thanks, Cal!!!

Gus said...

The Madd Bulldog asks, "What are Zane's motives to continue this?"

Could the fact that Zane believes Nygren has wrongfully spent thousands of dollars of County money decorating County equipment with his name possibly have anything to do with it?

Why didn't the County Auditor jump all over this long ago?

The State's Attorney, who is the Sheriff's attorney, might have told him it was improper to spend money in that way, but we'll never know. That would be privileged advice from an attorney to his client.

But let's say that he had so informed Nygren. Wouldn't it be pretty hard to prosecute Nygren for that, if Bianchi wanted to prosecute? or to defend Nygren, if a Special Prosecutor is appointed?

tiredofthenonsense said...

Nope thats not it.

Curious1 said...

I for one am very grateful someone is standing up and defending us from seven pointed stars. Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if we allowed the crime of having an inconsistent number of points on a star insignia go unpunished? I don't care how many hundreds of thousands of taxpayers money is spent on this worthy pursuit! The guy who is confused about how many points to have on a star must be punished! Thank you!

Gus said...

Curious1, thanks for your attempt at humor in this situation. I feel it is necessary to state that it's not "just" the sheriff's own design of a different star.

1. First, he has used an emblem of office for political purposes.

2. Zane's court action is because the sheriff is alleged to have mis-spent thousands of dollars of taxpayer money to plaster his name all over County-owned equipment.

3. There is one emblem - and one emblem only - that represents the Office of the Sheriff of the County. Period.