Friday, November 4, 2011

Give Milwaukee cop a pass?

Should the Milwaukee cop who "accidentally" fired his gun in a shopping mall get a pass?

On Wednesday an off-duty Milwaukee cop was in the Southridge mall and reached for his wallet. His pistol was tucked in his waistband and fired. Duhhhh....

A reporter reported that the Greendale Police said one bullet was fired and disintegrated, when it hit the marble floor. Man oh man, is that cop ever lucky that he didn't lose an important part of his body!!!

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said the officer's gun fired, when the officer reached for his wallet. Flynn explained it away, calmly and rationally, as just an "accident."

Well, I'll tell you this. If any private citizen, carrying concealed, had "accidentally" fired his weapon, he'd be in jail. And Chief Flynn, even though it was out of his jurisdiction, wouldn't be so calm and rational about it.

What discipline or charges should the cop face? Should an off-duty cop get a pass on charges, when a citizen's neck would already be measured for a rope and someone would be singling out a tree for the ceremony?

Watch the news story: here.

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Anonymous said...

Come'on Gusomundo... ur slacking here:
Why wasn't the gun holsered?
Why wasn't the safety on?
Why wasn't the officer reprimanded/suspended?

Do I gotta start doin' your job for ya?