Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Meet the new Buick group in Crystal Lake

At two recent Chamber of Commerce events I've run into Rik Fregia, Vice-President of the new dealership in Crystal Lake for Buick and GMC. Both times I was reminded of my excellent car-buying experience in Denver with Deane Buick. Could that be 35 years ago???

I remember my shopping experience for a 1976 Buick Regal. I visited the dealership several times, and the salesman obviously knew I was interested. I had my sights set on a black Regal; the styling was just right. Fortunately, no one else bought it while I was deliberating.

One day the salesman and I sat down to complete the deal, and away I went. My car-buying experience was totally satisfactory, and I had found a salesman I liked and a dealership that treated me well as a customer. At the time I thought I'd be back every two-three years for a new Buick, and I looked forward to going back.

My first passenger was an attorney-client, and I picked him up for a luncheon meeting. After he got it, he said, "Nice car. I haven't ridden in a new Cadillac before." Man! Was I ever smiling!!!

I fell down on my end of the deal, though. I liked my car so well that I didn't get rid of it for 12 years and 210,000 miles. Do they still make cars to last like that?

Courtesy Auto Group's Buick/GMC dealership at 6305 Northwest Highway (U.S. Route 14) in Crystal Lake is having a Grand Opening this Friday and Saturday, November 11-12. Drop by for the festivities and to look at and test-drive a new Buick. Take one home with one. Better than that, take home two of them! Ask Rik to direct you to a salesman, or just greet the first handsome one who awaits your arrival.

Check out their website at for information about the vehicles they carry and the Grand Opening. Or for information call 815.477.8600


The Madd Bulldog said...

Still sour on Dodge... or just the former Viking Dodge? Buick Luscerne and the Regal look pretty nice, but frankly anything on 4-wheels looks good as compared to my rustbucket. Gotta love the "new car smell"... which I can only remember from days waaaaaay gone by. Now I just smell the stench of spilled beer in my piece o'junk.

The Madd Bulldog said...

Hey... where ya been today? If yur gonna run a blog, it bedder be 7x24x365 buster!
If yer on the scoop, then you need a wireless laptop mounted in your Bug... ya know, like the Police have. Gotta keep us informed up-to-the minute! Got it? DOH!