Thursday, November 3, 2011

Runners .... ready, set, go...

Going to turn out for the Scott Milliman fun-run and 5K on Sunday?

This benefit run has been planned by Scott's daughter and is set for Sunday morning, November 6, with a starting time of 8:00AM at Three Oaks Recreation Area in Crystal Lake.

Don't feel like setting a course record on Sunday morning? Well, come and walk the 5K. Or any part of it you want to. The few remaining t-shirts and caps will be sold at the race, and there will also be prizes and drawings for great giftcards. To get you going first-thing, come early for some coffee, donuts and bagels.

Bring $5 for the City of Crystal Lake (boooo....) to pass "Go" at the front entrance. Yes, Virginia, the stingy money-grabbers of Crystal Lake will have their paws out for an admission fee.

Race-day registration is $20.00 and goes for a good purpose. This benefit is for Scott Milliman who, you may know, was canned from his 15-year job at the Sheriff's Department after he revealed information not favorable about Sheriff Nygren during a deposition in a Federal lawsuit by another deputy against Nygren and the Sheriff's Department.

Depositions are statements under oath. The oath was to tell the truth Milliman told the truth. His deposition was leaked from the sheriff's department to the Northwest Herald. Milliman has experienced a recurrence of a brain cancer condition and is undergoing chemotherapy at this time.

The race organizer, his daughter, has named the race "No Hurdle too High." See you there on Sunday morning.

Remember: Daylight Savings Time ends early Sunday morning. Re-set your clocks Saturday night.


Cal Skinner said...

You can park near the Harris Bank in the big empty shopping center for FREE.

Gus said...

Thanks, Cal.

I haven't been by there. Are there, by any chance, any of those warning signs from the robber tow companies that will "steal" your car and hold it ransom for about $150, if you park in a private lot that is marked?

Gus said...

Another reader sent this comment about the parking lot of the former Harris Bank: "I would not park in the Harris lot but the one next to it is free and no tows. Lots of empty stores."