Sunday, May 23, 2010

What are "Secure Communities"?

Local illegal aliens are worried about the "secure communities" initiative of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) service and the attention of sheriffs locally to jumping on board.

How much do they have to be worried about?

A glance at the webpage ( for Secure Communities on the ICE website shows they might not have too much to worry about, as long as they are "good" illegal aliens and not "bad" (criminal) illegal aliens.

ICE will prioritize its attention and focus on the criminal illegal aliens; for example, from the ICE website, "By assessing the risk each criminal alien poses to the public, ICE focuses immigration enforcement on the most dangerous criminal aliens first.

"The most dangerous criminal aliens are individuals who have been previously convicted of or who are currently charged with a Level 1 offense—national security, homicide, kidnapping, assault, robbery, sex offenses and narcotics crimes that carry a sentence of greater than one year."

So the mom with the child in the car who wanders over the centerline or runs out of gas probably doesn't have to worry about getting lumped in with the Level 1 offenders. Still, it's going to be inconvenient and expensive for her to get back on the friendly side of the bars.

If those in this country who are here illegally are worried about getting rounded up, then maybe they ought to be making plans to get into a compliant status or leave the U.S. and apply to come back legally.

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