Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stop S.B. 3010 - call today!

There is still time to stop Senate Bill 3010, the bill that will allow townships to spend your money to build new offices without asking you, or without listening to you if you have already spoken.

The Illinois Senate and House of Representatives have approved a bill to allow townships to do what the trustees want to do, even if voters have said "NO". Sen. Pam Althoff voted in favor of the bill; Rep. Jack Franks voted against it.

As of this morning, the bill is still in the Senate chambers, according to an aide in Governor Quinn's office. He said "they" have about ten more days to send it to the Governor for signing.

Here's what their plan sounds like to me. They will hold the bill until the last minute, then rush it over to the Governor's office with urgings to sign it right away. Are they going to use it to muscle him on other legislation?

You can use your last chance to stop that legislation by calling Gov. Quinn right away at 217.782.0244


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Gus said...

M.U.G., thanks!!!

Richard W Gorski, M.D. said...

Spend!...Spend...Spend!!!...just like those in Washington D.C. It must be a contagious virus....need the the spenders out of office when the time comes. Then maybe health and sanity will return to this land.