Monday, July 27, 2009

Truck Parking at Wal-Mart

In some communities, when Wal-Mart comes to town to build a huge store, the city planners anticipate problems that have sprung up all over the country, and they head them off at the pass.

One of the problems has to do with truck parking in front of the store. Now, we're not talking about delivery vehicles. These are trucks that are most likely parked and left while the drivers are home in Woodstock or visiting someone.

It's nice that the City gets upset if someone parks a semi on Calhoun while hanging out for a few hours. That's good.

It's my understanding that truck parking at Wal-Mart was not addressed, when Wal-Mart came knocking on Woodstock's door. And I guess we don't want to make them too mad about anything because, when tax incentives run out, they might just abandon the store and move up the road a little for new tax benefits. Or maybe move into the County, where Woodstock would lose all that sales tax revenue.

But it might be nice for Community Development to pay a friendly visit at Wal-Mart and try to get the Store Manager's help to eliminate the parking that is a growing problem. He may or may not have any authority and will most likely have to confer with folks on up the food chain, maybe even all the way to Arkansas.

The above photo, taken Saturday afternoon, shows four tractor-trailer units and one detached semi-trailer.


Another Lawyer said...

And what exactly is the problem with truck or rv parking at a walmart?

Gus said...

1. eyesore
2. not a commercial parking lot; it's a retail store
3. environmental hazard (oil, diesel leaks)
4. increased police costs
A. potential for vehicle theft
B. potential for theft of cargo
C. graffiti target
D. vandalism target

You don't see any RVs parked there overnight. Yet...

DA said...

Hmmmm....Gus has a problem with commercial vehicles parked in the lot of a commercial enterprise. A retail store is commercial, as in it is there to promote COMMERCE. If they do not have a problem with the trucks parked there, why do you?

Eyesore? Then don't go to Walmart and look at them.

Increased police costs? How so? has there been a rash of truck hijackings? Cargo theft? Well, they better tear down the whole Walmart then! Decrease the potential for theft or vandalism!

Don't you think that the huge influx of sales tax for the town might offset the cost of having the police have to take an extra vandalism report or two?

By the way. Where would you rather have them park?

Bill Crittenden said...

1. It's not appropriate in a free nation to tell your neighbor how to keep his property because you don't like the way it looks. There is no excuse for it.
2. If they're customers (most likely they have made purchases while parked there), it is retail business, even if their vehicles are a bit bigger than the average family station wagon.
3. It's no worse than the diesel and oil dropped on Routes 14 and 47 as the trucks drive through town, and likely less than the thousands of cars that park at Walmart on a daily basis leak since they are likely less well maintained than a vehicle subject to DOT safety inspections. (ever know someone who just accepts adding a quart of oil a week as part of owning a car? I have.)
4. Offset by the increased tax revenues.

Anyone who knows the Walmart business model knows that they're truck and RV friendly, and anyone who allowed Walmart in town and is now surprised by the trucks parked out front just didn't do their research before voting on/approving the plan. In addition to that, why is Walmart yet again singled out for the public's displeasure when there are far worse eyesores and many other commercial vehicles parked in front of the businesses along Lake Street? What about the trailers usually seen parked in front of Farm & Fleet? How about the general decrepit appearance of and multiple nonfunctioning vehicles parked beside Botts Welding on Route 47?

Yet here we are, hearing more complaints about Walmart...I for one am frankly tired of hearing them, if people don't like Walmart, there's a Target in Crystal Lake and a Target in McHenry. Enjoy!

The Madd Bulldog said...

Has a resident in the area complained, or is it just you? Howabout let'n those trucks park in your castle's parking lot... you could even charge a small fee. I'd park my RV there but I'm sure you'd take a pic and send to Nygren who would issue me a ticket (after he's done counting Gorski's pills) and i can't afford it cuz I'm waiting for MJ's surplus drugs to hit e-bay! DOH!!!

2horseygirls said...

I'm surprised that you have created this post.

You hold yourself out as a representative of the everyman - who is more of an everyman than the long distance truck driver?

These drivers spends months on the road, through all sorts of weather conditions and road conditions, not to mention battling many of the same moronic drivers you feature here.

They're not blocking any traffic.

They're not blocking your access to any stores or service providers.

Have there actually been any vandalism, graffiti or theft reports from truckers who have parked in the WalMart parking lot? I don't keep up with those reports, but you might have that information.

I usually find your blog informative, even if I don't always agree, but to me, this is one of those things that I don't understand why it's even being discussed when there are significantly more important issues that should be addressed in our community and in society in general.

Gus said...

2horsey, I'm right there with you. I'm always amazed at the number of comments that certain points of view provoke.

Thanks for your comment.

Another Lawyer said...

Well said Bill. Just when are we going to get government and their minion's hands off of our stuff.

Frank said...

Hey Gus! Let's get something straight here. I commend Walmart for allowing trucks to park there overnight. It is well known in the trucking industry that when you get tired behind the wheel you can go to the nearest Walmart to sleep overnight. Walmart not only takes care of their drivers but all truckers. Oh I'm sorry, do you want truckers falling asleep behind the wheel so you can write about that?

Second, it is private property. I know you only rent an apartment but let me explain. The owner of the property can allow trucks or anyone else to park there if they want to.

Finally, who really gives a hoot. Have you seen where in the lot those trucks are parking? They are parking in an un-used part of the lot. They do not affect anyone...but you of course!!!

DA said...

Come on Frank! Get with the program! It is wrong because GUS SAYS IT IS WRONG!

MindlessWizard said...

Agreed with DA on this.. Gus/Frank, who the f cares besides you? Get over it man! Its not an eyesore! An eyesore would be a semi plowed into a mini van with a family on its way home from the movies at Rt 14 & Rt 47. The semi driver didn't have any place to park and rest, so instead fell asleep behind the wheel.

Thats a true eyesore right there Gus/Frank! Get over it