Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lawsuit filed after cases dropped

Late this afternoon a lawsuit was filed by a McHenry County couple, whose criminal case against them was dropped last week upon the Motion of the State's Attorney's office.

In March 2008 Jerome and Carla Pavlin were arrested by McHenry County Sheriff's deputies and charged with aggravaed battery and resisting arrest. After numerous court dates with their attorney, Mark Gummerson, and before the August 17th jury trial date that was on the docket, the State's Attorney's office moved to drop the case, formally called nolle prosequi, and did so emphatically With Prejudice, meaning that the charges against them were gone. And in court the further statement was made that the State's Attorney had no intention of re-filing charges against them.

That action ended an ordeal that had continued from March 2008 until this month.

Just before the end of the business day, their lawsuit was filed. It was too late in the day to get to the courthouse and read the Complaint. Details will be provided as soon as the Complaint is scanned into the court system computer and becomes available.

It was remarkable how quickly the Northwest Herald obtained copies of the deputies' reports and published them. It is also inexcusable that the Northwest Herald would display the home address and telephone number of defendants against whom all charges had just been dropped through a link on its website.

I wonder how the editor and the publisher of the Northwest Herald would feel if I published their home addresses and home telephone numbers. Just imagine the irate calls every time the Cubs lost or it rained or a typo appeared in someone's name.

They published the personal information of senior citizens who had just been cleared. Was this an unnecessary and inappropriate breach of privacy. And was the breach at the sheriff's department, where the address and telephone numbers could have been redacted.

Follow this story on this site. Details of their lawsuit will be published as soon as they are available.


Anonymous said...

Before you start posting about the arrest and eventual dismissal of the Gates affair, review the police report... I'm sick & tired of Blacks dropping the racist trump card everytime for any thing. The cops showed up due to a citizen reporting a possible break in. when the cops arrived and tried to investigate, Gates went off on them for no good reason. The Sgt asked for Gates's ID to confirm he was the the owner of the house and not a burgler. Simple enough dont ya think. But noooooooooo, Gates had to escalate a simple 5 minute matter into something more. Shame on Obama for jumping on the cops and calling them "stupid", when his buddy should have simply cooperated, as the cops were looking out for HIS own interests.
Reverse discrimination is running rampant in this country, and we're gonna "pay forever" for slavery and civil rights. Get over it!!!
Disclaimer- I am not a racist or biggot... I attack any and all creeds equally! :)

Gus said...

Madd Bulldog, there's a reason I post your comments.

ace said...

Gus, is there a reason your mouth runs rampant?