Friday, July 3, 2009

Legislators away until Bastille Day

The Associated Press reports that the legislators have left Springfield and aren't to return until July 14. In many years, we might exclaim, "Oh, great! They are out-of-town. Gone home, where they can't do any more damage." Well, not this year. They don't need (or deserve) a three-day week-end or even a two-day week-end. They need to be at work, resolving our budget crisis.

Let's hope that this is not a vacation, but that they will be working diligently on every available means to come to terms with the State's budget crisis.

Here's an idea... how about if they don't get paid (or reimbursed any expenses) until Illinois has a budget? And let them foot the bills for their district offices and staff. After all, getting a budget is in their job description, and they haven't done the jobs.

Just cut off their pay as of June 30, but tell them they must keep working until they have created a balanced budget that this State can afford - and one that doesn't rip the arms and legs off a population that deserves and must have assistance and care.

A few years ago there was a town in New Jersey that had a great system for its welfare clientele. They put them to work! Imagine that! They were given jobs sweeping streets and doing other work that needed doing, and they got their welfare checks in exchange for their work.

What a novel idea!

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