Friday, July 17, 2009

Publishing Home Addresses

Check out the article found at this link on Major League Baseball (MLB) Fanhouse.

It seems that The Riverfront Times published the home addresses of current and former St. Louis Cardinals' players. MLB didn't like it and revoked the credentials of The Riverfront Times.

The author of that article wrote, "To publish the home address of an athlete, or anyone in the spotlight, is wholly irresponsible. ... A person's home is their home. It is not public domain."

I wonder what the folks at the Northwest Herald would have to say, now that they have published the home address of senior citizens whose case against them was tossed by the State's Attorney's Office.

Later in the week I received a comment with the home addresses of Sheriff Nygren and Undersheriff Lowery. Because there are some real kooks in the world who might harm their families or them at home, I decided not to publish their addresses. I appreciate all the other comments received from the person who sent them to me and hope that person will understand and accept my reasoning for not publishing the addresses.

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