Friday, July 3, 2009

Are there reports or not?

On June 18th I wrote about some kids who got stopped by deputies on Route 31, just south of Route 176.

The response to my FOIA Request was a computer print-out with three names and a denial of other information. I have appealed the denial and requested the reports that were written.

It's my understanding that, whenever a person or a vehicle is searched by a McHenry County Sheriff's deputy, a report is to be written. A witness has reported to me that two boys were searched and their pockets emptied, and a girl's purse was dumped on the ground.

I suspect that the General Orders at the Sheriff's Department about reports when people or vehicles are searched are not "write a report if you want to" or "if you have time."

I have requested the Report Numbers, if the Sheriff's Department believes it can lawfully deny providing copies of any reports. Although I requested the reports even if heavily redacted, I began wondering whether there might not even be any reports. I'd like to be wrong. Within a few days I'll know.


QuitWhiningAlready said...

I don't know what MCSO has in place for this anymore, but our agency does not write reports for searches of vehicles or persons unless there is an arrest.

Ole Blinky said...

On the back of the tickets or warnings issued there should be a section noting whether a search was conducted. Deputies are supposed to write out a short written "Minor Misc" report when conducting any kind of search.