Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rose Farm Snowmobile Route - going, going...

Last year the Woodstock City Council heard from a small number of residents along Rose Farm Road who complained about inconsiderate snowmobile operators who tore up their yards.

Now, we know that snowmobile operators are courteous, quiet, law-abiding folks who are just out to enjoy a winter day. Right? Ha!

Mayor Sager and the City Council warned the snowmobilers through their association that they had one more chance. Any more complaints, and the snowmobile route would be closed.

Of course, it's not the members of the association who are the likely culprits.

On Tuesday evening, March 2, the Woodstock City Council will likely drop the hammer on snowmobiles on Rose Farm Road. The considerate operators will be there to complain. After all, it's not their fault that other stupid operators are costing them a place to ride.

How often do you see snowmobiles tearing up and down a highway shoulder, blitzing along at unsafe speeds as if they are the NASCAR of the North? Personally, I think open season on snowmobile ought to start in November and last until April. How do you catch the ones who need to be caught? A low rope between trees might be good for starters.

But, alas, that would lead to arrests and lawsuits against the property owners who are just trying to protect their own property.

Will this solve the problem? Not likely.
Will those snowmobilers continue to use Rose Farm Road? Likely.
Will they ever be caught? Not likely.

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