Thursday, September 13, 2012

Marines in Libya - no ammo?

Could it be true?

Were the U.S. Marines prohibited from carrying live ammunition for their weapons?

If so, how could they possibly protect diplomats? Maybe with fixed bayonets? Maybe?

The Washington Free Beacon is reporting the no-ammo story. Supposedly, Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson denied permission to the Marines to carry ammo. If so, Patterson and Hillary Clinton should be dispatched to protect the embassy. Let them follow the advice of the Illinois State Police and use nail files, if attacked.


woodstockabdicate said...

No news. It's always been this way.

Maverick50 said...

This is utterly Bull Sh_t. If I were a Marine I'd be locked and loaded to the gills. Damn any orders that keep me in harms way!

Gus said...

I'm right there with you, Maverick.

But can you imagine trying to get out of the way of all the stuff that runs downhill, if you were "locked and loaded" and the Ambassador and the Ambassador's boss descended on you?

Now, let's relate that to the streets of Illinois. If we are standing in line at the movie theater, and some dirtbag starts shooting, what are we going to shoot back with?


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