Friday, September 7, 2012

Feldkamp Executor #4

On Thursday morning Judge Chmiel heard and granted Woodstock Attorney Howard Rigsby's Motion to Withdraw from his appointment as executor of the Estates of the late Jack and Audrey Feldkamp, Marengo-area residents who died on June 7, 2011.

The original executor, named in the Wills of Mr. and Mrs. Feldkamp, was their son, Scott Feldkamp. Scott Feldkamp was removed as executor, and his sister was appointed as Successor Executor by Judge Chmiel. Then she was removed, and Attorney Rigsby was appointed. Then he withdrew, citing numerous reasons.

These reasons included:

"11. Based upon information and belief, it appears that many assets of the estate have been converted without the authority or approval of either the executor or this Court.

"12. Based upon information and belief, escrow accounts and monies have been removed from the office of Harmony Road Real Estate. This apparent conversion is now the subject of the investigation being conducted by Ms. (Jeanine) Hardin of the (Illinois) Department of Financial and Professional Responsibility."

Who caught the brass ring for the appointment of Executor? After Judge Chmiel declined requests from Jackie Feldkamp and Attorney Duane Slayton to the appointed, he appointed Woodstock Attorney Carl Gilmore as executor for the estates of Mr. and Mrs. Feldkamp.

Apart from this hearing in court on Thursday, it was reported in the Northwest Herald that IDOT will cease considering the round-about on U.S. 20 at Harmony Road. My guess is IDOT will not be buying the real estate that the estate of Jack Feldkamp might have been quite happy to sell, even at an eminent domain price.

Scott Feldkamp is believed to be living in Florida, from which he had moved in February 2011 after his house there was foreclosed.

The Feldkamp family home is occupied by what is referred in the Motion as a "squatter". At this writing it is not known what action Attorney Gilmore might take to remove the squatter from the family home. The man and children living there was apparently arranged by Attorney Slayton, acting for Scott Feldkamp during the latter's time as executor, even though Attorney Slayton had not filed an Appearance with the Court, which Judge Chmiel said concerned him greatly.

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