Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Zinke campaign lies continue

In a campaign press release dated today, February 11, at 12:47PM, an Andrew Zinke e-mail to a select list (which does not include me) starts off with "Five weeks from yesterday, the next Sheriff of McHenry County will be decided."

The first "oops" is, does he think that election day is Monday, March 17?

But the big (the HUGE) "oops" is, once again, that Zinke claims that the race for Sheriff of McHenry County will be decided in March. What part of "Republican Primary Election" does Zinke not understtand?

Zinke is running against Bill Prim in the Republican Primary, which will be held on Tuesday, March 18. The only decision in the Sheriff's race in the March election will be who is to be the Republican candidate for Sheriff on the November ballot.

What part of the ostrich approach ("head in the sand") about the March 18 election date does Andy think is going to benefit him ? Why would he repeat the error made in a previous announcement that the Sheriff's race will be decided in March? Does he know something about a change in the Election law that no one else in Illinois knows?

You'd think that maybe somebody in the Republican Party who is supporting him (Althoff, Tryon, Hill, Wheeler, etc.) would be able to get through his head that the race for Sheriff will not be "decided" in March. Frankly, I'm concerned about each of them and am wondering how they can support Zinke in view of his major blunder in July 2012, when he revealed a confidential DEA investigation to a strong financial supporter of his boss, Sheriff Nygren. Why did Zinke inform Brian Goode, President of RITA Corporation, that the DEA was tracking a truckload of illegal drugs bound for Goode's company?

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