Monday, February 24, 2014

MCSD Jail - profit center or money pit?

Don't miss today's article in the McHenry County Blog about our county's favorite jail. OK, so it's the County's only jail...

It seems like for a long time all we heard was that the county was being enriched by about $12,000,000/year, thanks for the financial acumen and foresight of Sheriff Nygren. More recently, there have been questions about the dropping inmate numbers and the increasing staffing at the jail, along with the specialty teams and high supervisor-employee ratios.

And now Cal Skinner has done his homework, and we learn that the "profit center" actually is more like a bottomless pit.

In a comment to the February 21, 2014, Don Leist Letter to the Editor of the Northwest Herald, somebody hiding behind "I'mJustAsking" wrote, "...It may may [sic] all they have but can we really afford to continue to put people in office without real budget and fiscal experience into positions just because the are really good at running a campaign of slinging mud and personal attacks at good people?..."

Andy Zinke has said that he has been running MCSD since 2010.  (2010 is when Nygren was last re-elected as Sheriff, quickly left for 30 days through the Panama Canal, and has seldom been seen since.) So who is responsible for the financial mess revealed in the article on the McHenry County Blog? MCSD has a highly-paid Business Manager, who gets take-home car. What is the job description for that position?

The jail is not making money. It's sucking it up like a Hoover vacuum cleaner. (No disrespect meant to the Hoover name.)

Good job, Cal. Can't wait to see Part 2.

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richard duckworth said...

Money pit, gus.
If you stand out on route 47 and look up at the jail, you can hear the sucking sound of taxpayer money going down the drain.
But don't worry, the taxpayers will keep voting for more of the same...