Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wm. Ross in MCSD jail - bond (bail?) is $10,000

Finally.... William J. Ross was delivered to the McHenry County Jail and booked in at 12:01AM today. He must have really smelled ripe, if he spent 7-9 days on a prisoner transportation bus from Las Vegas.

His bond is $10,000, according to the Jail's website. He'll post that in a heartbeat. Is he likely to be a little unhappy with McHenry County law enforcement authorities, starting with the State's Attorney Office and including the McHenry County Sheriff's Department?

He was arrested and confined to the Clark County (Nev.) Correctional Facility in Las Vegas on about November 7. He refused extradition, and he was returned to McHenry County after Gov. Quinn and Nevada Gov. Sandoval approved his extradition. On January 22 a court in Las Vegas took the final step to send him to Illinois.

Then he sat in jail there from January 22 to about February 4, while McHenry County arranged transportation. If he was brought here on a prisoner transportation bus, he was enroute for over a week. Do prisoners stay on the bus the entire time or are they housed in jails at night along the way?

His "bond" is posted as $10,000. There is some confusion on the jail's website between the words "bond" and "bail". Will it take $10,000 for Ross to be released, or will he be able to bail out on $1,000 (10%)? Or is his "bail" set at $10,000, which would be 10% of a $100,000 Bond?

I intended to attend his Rights Court appearance but, because he was booked in at 12:01AM, I did not learn of his 8:00AM court date until after 8:00AM.

Ross is charged with Concealment of a Homicidal Death. The body of Jacqueline Schaefer was found in Ross' unoccupied house in McHenry County on November 7. Will the Sheriff's Department and the State's Attorney Office succeed in prosecuting him? There is no doubt that her death was a homicide, although MCSD and the Coroner have yet to announce how she died. She didn't do herself in.

But will prosecutors be able to prove Ross concealed her death? And no one has yet been charged with murdering her.

Ross is presumed innocent. Remember that part of our laws?

Could Ross have posted bail in Las Vegas on November 7-8? What was magical about confining him there for three months and hauling him back here, so that he could post bail here?

5:05PM Ross is being represented by Crystal Lake attorney Henry Sugden.

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