Tuesday, February 25, 2014

L.W.V. - how embarrassing!

What happens when political-type women are in charge of something?

Tonight's "forum" was pitiful. Within minutes of starting, I realized that the Pledge of Allegiance was not going to be said. I popped out of my seat and went to the organization's representative who spoke right after Jason Schaumburg of the Northwest Herald made his brief remarks. Then I went down to the front row, right in front of the moderator and stewed for a minute or two about standing up and speaking out to ask that the Pledge be recited.

And then I didn't. I should have.

It seems to me that the McHenry County League of Women Voters blew it one other time. Does anyone remember which event?

The organizer said in her opening remarks that the League of Women Voters is open to women and men. Well, men, I think we'd better start joining up and, when they are planning a meeting/forum around such an important event as a contested race for the top county sworn law enforcement officer, we'd better give them some serious input.

I wonder if the agenda item for the Pledge was brought up to the candidates. Did they agree to skip it?

I wanted to hear Zinke and Prim recite the Pledge and mean it.  You know the part: "... with liberty and justice for all." Law enforcement has the power (and now, the equipment) to destroy the citizens. We have to know they will not.

Watch what Red Skelton had to say about the Pledge of Allegiance.


Cal Skinner said...

It was the Lake County League of Women Voters during the Walsh-Bean debate that didn't say the pledge.

After the national uproar caused by the audience doing it anyway, the McHenry League started with the Pledge at its next candidates' night.

Gus said...

It was inexcusable for the LWV to omit it. I guess they aren't Patriots. When the shooting starts, they'll be in the kitchen, baking cookies.