Friday, February 21, 2014

U.S. could learn from Zimbabwe

Former (disgraced) U.S. Rep. Mel Reynolds is in Harare, Zimbabwe, having a little learning experience about international travel and rules in other countries.

Seems he got caught with some illegal pornographic materials in his possession. And violated his visa.

In a short article on Page A3 of today's print edition of the Northwest Herald, Reynolds' attorney told a magistrate there that Reynolds "needed more time to understand the 'essential elements' of the charges" related to violating immigration law. Reynolds was supposed to enter a plea. You know, like Guilty or Not Guilty.

We need Magistrate Tendai Mahwe right here in McHenry County. He questioned Reynolds' lawyer's request for more time on Thursday, asking, "Why is this taking long [sic]? Why don't you make a plea so we can finish this case?"

Sort of sounds like, "We'll give him a fair trial and string him up."

Would McHenry County judges dare to ask such outrageous questions of an attorney for a defendant? That might avoid two years of continuances and reduce attorneys' income by thousands of dollars!

Today's Chicago Tribune reports that Reynolds pled Guilty to over-staying his visa and has been ordered deported. How fast will they toss him out of Zimbabwe?

How do we handle illegal aliens in the U.S.? We coddle them for months, even years. Which is why we have 12,000,000 problems. Cases in the U.S. drag out for 12-18-24-36 months. Or longer. Those are Federal cases; not McHenry County cases.

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