Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mind your speed in Bull Valley

You may want to mind your speed as you enter Bull Valley westbound from McHenry on Bull Valley Road.

There used to be a 40MPH speed limit sign just west of Draper Road, and it has been missing for a while. Today I reported the missing sign to the Village of Bull Valley, and they will check out whether it is, indeed, missing and needs to be replaced.

The speed limit east of Draper Road is posted as 45MPH, and that's in McHenry. I don't know how many Bull Valley police officers maintain a near-zero tolerance for speeding. In the past I've reports of drivers being ticketed for less than 5MPH over the speed limit. Those days may be in Bull Valley's history book now.

But let's say you are accustomed to getting away with 9 over, and so you're westbound on Bull Valley Road in the 45 zone at 54MPH. McHenry PD might not stop you.

When you hit Bull Valley at Draper Road, though, if you don't slow down, you'll get to meet one of Bull Valley's finest who will welcome you with wide-spread arms and issue greetings to you for 54 in a 40.

I saw a Bull Valley police car stopped on westbound County Club Rd. well inside Woodstock this morning. Assuming he was running radar, where was he parked that he got so far into Woodstock before the driver stopped?

Your best choice? Drive not in excess of the posted speed limit - wherever you are.


Joseph Monack said... Bull Valley is number one in the county and number one in the state per capita. I've heard they are number one in the country per capita but I couldn't confirm that. If possible avoid this town.

Mike said...

Well keep track of where the officer was at the time he clocked you. He cannot use information from a electronic speed detection device until the target vehicle is 500 feet inside a speed reduction zone. No Sign No Zone.

Big Daddy said...

Bull Valley Police Department,lol? Really? Where the heck is Bull Valley?

Captain Sam said...

Check out this new Facebook Page; Justice For Bull Valley PD