Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Greg Pyle - "Continued" (again and again)

Will the State case against former Deputy Sgt. Greg Pyle of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department ever get to trial?

Last week's court date (August 13, which never even made the Northwest Herald) passed with yet one more "routine" continuance. At issue now is a Motion to dump the judge (just a stalling tactic) and a Writ of Habeas Corpus. Last time I checked, Pyle was still residing in the Boone County Jail, where he has been for almost a year, when his MCSD pay and benefits ran out.

What will happen in this case? Pyle is charged with ten felonies of criminal sexual assault against a child. Will the game of musical judges be played so long that, when he finally tried, convicted and sentenced, he will get credit for "time served" and walk out the door?

What's going on with the Federal charges against him? Is the State's Attorney's Office just hanging out, waiting for the Feds? Why not proceed with its own case.

McHenry County Circuit Court Case No. 12CF00020 was filed January 9, 2012. It is important to note that the "Charge Date" for each of the ten charges is 9/11/2006, more than five years earlier. But didn't something happen in January 2012 that attracted the attention and arrest of Pyle? Why is (are?) no case filed for 2012?

I haven't read the Complaint filed in Federal Court against Pyle. Pyle was out on bond from McHenry County, and Sheriff Nygren reportedly told the media that it was a "coincidence" that Pyle's benefits pay ran out on the day that the Feds grabbed him.

Anyone who believes that probably still believes in the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny.

Pyle's next local court date is September 12.

The Federal Case in being handled in Rockford.


Brian Ahlgrim said...

Dear Gus,

For an educated man, you are very uneducated in regards to criminal proceedings, charges, evidence, and the trial system.

I have read a lot of your blogs regarding Greg Pyle, and, you really are better suited turning your attention to the victims in this case. I, for one, have first hand knowledge of the agony the ex-wife and children are going through. But, you would rather concentrate on Sgt. Pyle. Shame on you!! But, that is just better off you don't know all the issues that have happened to the family. You just don't care!

Back to this article, though. If you had any sense regarding the charges at hand, you would realize that it may just be possible that all the truth just came out in latter 2011 and early 2012. But, you jump to a conclusion. Little hint for you....State arrests then builds their case, Feds have most evidence and just need to dot the I's and cross the T's.

Why has the state not gone forward???? Why should they??? The Federal charges will put him in jail for life. Why waste tax dollars???

To have a case filed in 2012???? Really???? Boy, you skipped logic class on that.

But, you continue following an arrest and trial that you have been oblivious to the people you hurt in these articles, and even as far as saying it was a family member in your last article, when that is not even in the indictment. So, you assume. Again, shame on you!!!!

Personally, your journalism is pathetic, without merit, and just plain cold. There are people who suffer that you did absolutely nothing for and for that....well..SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!

Gus said...

Brian, thank you for writing.

I have great sympathy for the ex-wife and children. I don't know them, and I choose not to guess about their feelings and experience.

Why did I write about possible more-recent charges? My guess is that something serious happened in January 2012 that triggered Pyle's arrest. That has never been revealed. I have my own guess, and it might even be accurate.

Read the Complaint, Brian. Family member is there. Or it was the last time I read it.

It seems to me that justice would be better served by a trial sooner, rather than later.