Wednesday, August 14, 2013

D-155 bleachers

There is plenty to read in the Northwest Herald about the controversial bleachers at Crystal Lake South High School.

After my article last week, a reader sent this comment:

"Gus, I saw that story about the bleachers.  I do find it appalling and arrogant for one public enterprise snubbing another knowing it is the people fighting the people financially.  I would hope that if they find that the school board did in fact need permits to build and kept building in violation of the stop work order, that the local residents can sue the board members as individuals for depreciated value, not as board members because they have a fiduciary responsibility to do the right thing, but as individuals because they went outside their scope of doing the lawful thing.  I hope there is some action against them individually.
"Secondly, maybe you can find out and report what that property looked like before the new bleachers were built?  I guess what I am getting at, was there already an eye sore there before, the old bleachers, or were the old bleachers situated in a different part of the school's property?  That might have an impact on whether or not the depreciation is actionable.  Did they build that subdivision after the school was there and the old bleachers erected?
"They should have to put up very large mature trees to cover the eye sore either way."
 Apparently, the bleachers originally were at the opposite part of the ball field, away from the homes. How did the construction get so far along before the neighbors started squawking?

When did they first complain to the City of Crystal Lake, and how long did it take for Crystal Lake to swing into action?

Wouldn't you think that the media would have latched onto this and created a summary of dates and actions by now?

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Bounty Hunter said...

All excellent points.... WOW it sure looks just horrible for the homeowners... they will die in those homes if they don't get lucky and have an 'insurance' fire.

(Of course with nobody hurt)

I saw that is jest, but, you all know what I mean... I wouldn't take those homes if I were handed the titles... unless of course this is a 'force out' so the district can obtain more land on the cheap.