Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beth Bentley - gone 168 weeks

How many more weeks will it be, before someone comes forward with information about Beth Bentley?

Who could come forward?

What information could cause someone to come forward?

What proof is there that Beth was actually in Mt. Vernon, Ill. on the week-end of May 21-23, 2010? Who says she was there, besides Jennifer Wyatt?

A waitress reportedly served Beth, Jenn, and two men on Friday night, May 21, 2010? Then that report was challenged, and it was suggested that the meal was actually two weeks before that, when Beth and Jenn were reportedly again in Mt. Vernon.

What do Beth's credit card statements show for the two weeks before she disappeared? I was hoping the CHASE Bank statement would become public, after the bank wrote off the account and sold it to a collection agency. That agency filed against Beth but gave up when they couldn't serve her. The collection agency filed only information of a certain sum due and did not submit supporting information.

Presumably, Woodstock Police examined the bank statements, which would have been available from Beth's family. What did they find in the way of charges from May 20-23? Was there a cash withdrawal from an ATM for travel money? Were there gas purchases enroute to Mt. Vernon? Was there a Friday night dinner? Saturday boat rental? What about local grocery purchases or other purchases on Saturday or Sunday?

Do credit card records show any phone service than the primary account for multiple phones? Some thought Beth might have had a prepaid-phone for calls she might not want on the master account.

What about medical records? Did police contact Beth's medical providers (hospital, lab, clinic, doctors)? Did police find a way around confidentiality? Did doctors provide any information that could be turned into leads?

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