Saturday, August 3, 2013

Kotowski - a danger to your safety

Ill. Sen. Dan Kotowski
On the surface this man, Dan Kotowski, doesn't look too dangerous. But he is.

Kotowski is a Democratic Illinois State Senator (D-28) with a district office at 350 S. Northwest Highway, Suite 300, Park Ridge, IL 60068.

Want to call him? (847) 656-5416.
Want to email him? (unpublished on his State senatorial webpage!)

Why is he dangerous?

He attempted to railroad the concealed carry bill, and he hasn't given up.

According to a long Associated Press article on Friday (only partially published in the Northwest Herald print edition today), Kotowski wants to ban guns from places of worship. Supposedly, he told the AP reporter that "providing churches with a specific exemption was an oversight that some lawmakers were unaware of until the legislation was debated."

How's that for a statement that doesn't mean anything? Lots of words. No meaning.

OK, so legislators were aware of it when the legislation was debated. And they decided (read: negotiated) to leave it out.

Sorry, Danny boy, you lost. Now you are whining. Just shut up!

I don't wish harm to anyone or any organization. But if Kotowski, identified in the AP article as a "former gun-control lobbyist", gets such a stupid change in the new concealed-carry law passed, I hope somebody will identify Kotowski's church so that the police can increase patrols during services and protect the congregation, which will feel much more at risk - thanks to Kotowski.

Making a gun-free zone out of a church?  Dumber than dumb!

NOTE: (8/4/13 10:47AM) Readers, please read my apology to Sen. Kotowski. I should have stayed on the issue, and it was wrong to make the personal attack on him.


Big Daddy said...

This guy is simply another idiot who can't understand that a church is a prime target.

Gus said...

Shortly after I posted this article and a comment on the Daily Herald's website, and sent an email to Sen. Kotowski, he called me.

He acknowledged my interest and concern, but he explained he won't be withdrawing his efforts to ban guns from churches and other houses of worship, saying he believes that guns don't belong in churches.

I explained that my preference also would be that guns are not in churches. However, if the bad guy comes in blazing away, I shall want a gun, and it will be too late to get one.

There are plenty of examples of gunmen attacking church-goers: the Sikh Temple in Milwaukee and a church in Colorado Springs are two that come first to mind.

If individual churches want to establish gun-free zones, fine. I don't want a state law about it.

Gus said...

Actually, Dan sounds like a nice guy. You know, I'm sure he IS a nice guy. I'd like to learn more about why he feels the way he does.

Mike said...

He sounds like another nutty Democrat to me.

Big Daddy said...

He may be a nice guy Gus but he's part of the problem as to why Illinois is the way it is. And until we vote his kind out of office Illinois will continue to be last in almost everything you want to be first in and first in everything you want to be last in. I've seen his kind before. I've worked with them extensively on projects. They all are nice people. But they do not have any concept of reality. They live on an alternate planet.