Sunday, August 18, 2013

Beth Bentley gone 169 weeks

Beth Bentley has been missing 169 weeks now. Beth vanished sometime on the week-end of May 20-23, 2010. Maybe from Centralia, Ill. Maybe from Mt. Vernon, Ill. Maybe from somewhere else. Who really knows?

Can a person who vanished over three years ago be found?

Can what happened on that fateful week-end be learned, even now?

Beth's whereabouts should be meticulously tracked from the moment she left her son's baseball game in Woodstock on May 20, 2010. Where did she go? And with whom? Hour-by-hour. Mile-by-mile.

The trail should be followed. Has it been? Police have been close-mouthed about Beth's movements, and the case is still classified as a Missing Person case. No suspect has ever been named in her disappearance; no "person-of-interest" has ever been named. No crime has ever been alleged. It's a Missing Person case.

Yet Woodstock Police continue to deny Freedom of Information Act requests on the grounds that releasing information might jeopardize an ongoing investigation. What ongoing investigation?

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